Things you need to know about Dialysis.

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About Dialysis

When kidneys no longer function, Dialysis is an artificial process by which waste products and unwanted water is removed from the body. It is a life saving Kidney Replacement therapy for patient with severe kidney failure.

Tips for Dialysis Patients. 
  • Treatment options
  • Get your Questions list ready.
  • Follow your Dietician advice.
  • Check your Medical insurance policy.
  • Patient can travel.
  • Dialysis patients can work.

Treatment Options

Two types of dialysis are available- Peritoneal & Hemodialysis. It can be done in hospital or at home or dialysis centers accordingly. One can choose a suitable treatment option for themselves after consulting your physician.

Get your Questions list ready

Always make a list of questions you want to ask from your physician. Express your all concerns freely.



Follow your Dietician advice

Since Kidneys are not functioning properly so there is need to cut down on some dietary elements and need to follow a restrict healthy diet. Hence always follow your Renal dietician advice for what to eat or what not to eat, when to eat & how much to eat.


Check your Medical Insurance Policy

Please check if you are eligible for any health Insurance coverage or not.


Patient can travel

Since Dialysis centers are available throughout, so dialysis patients can easily travel. Although prior appointments at the centers are mandatory before you leave.

Get back to work.

Nothing can stop the work so does the dialysis. Patients can go back to work or school after dialysis & can follow their daily routine.

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