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A kidney transplant is a process of placing of healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly

9 Recovery Tips For Kidney Transplant Patient
  • Keep the wounds clean
  • Keep up with all the appointments
  • Do not miss any medications
  • Watch what you eat and drink
  • Watch your habits
  • Keep an eye on unusual signs
  • Monitor certain parameters
  • Minimize your activities
  • Do exercise regularly

Wounds should be clean.

As suggested by your doctor, clean the wound gently. Do not apply pressure to rub the stitches.


Follow up with your physician.

Your Physician require to monitor several aspects to check the function of the transplanted kidneys, and accordingly can change your medications or dosage during your follow-up visits.


Do not miss your medicines

Take the medicines as prescribed by your doctor. If you miss any dose, do not take twice the amount of the usual dose.  Call your Doctor and follow his advice.


Eat & Drink Healthy

Follow the dietary as provided by your nutritionist. Drink enough fluids (non-alcoholic) every day.


Follow good practices

Don’t consume alcohol as it might it might interact with you medication. Do not smoke as it can make your transplanted kidney worse.


Take Precautions

Please call your Doctor if you experience unusual signs like tenderness over your kidney transplant area, less urine output than usual, sudden weight gain, etc.,


Keep in check your Blood Pressure &

Blood Glucose level.

Monitor your Blood pressure & Blood Glucose levels regularly if you are diabetic.


Check your daily activity

One is not allowed to drive for at least two to three weeks following kidney transplantation. Take rest more often and avoid sun exposure & crowded places.


Exercise is must

Maintain a healthy body weight, walk daily, you should not perform heavy exercises such as weight lifting at least for six months after the surgery.

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