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Contains Alpha ketoanalouges, are the nitrogen-free analogs of essential amino acids.

When given as a therapy, it exerts a metabolic benefit to the body. It is most commonly used as nutrition therapy or dietary supplements in patients with chronic kidney failure. This medicine prevents the unnecessary increase in urea levels in the blood due to the intake of non-essential amino acids in patients with kidney failure.

Mechanism Of Action

Beanalog™ lacks amino nitrogen. They take endogenous Nitrogen and get converted into Essential Amino acids (EAA) in various tissues  like Liver, Muscles and Intestines & reduce nitrogen waste load on kidneys.

There is enhanced reutilization of amino groups from glutamine, alanine and ammonium.


As directed by the physician.

  • If not otherwise prescribed, take 4-8 tabs 3 times a day during meals.
  • This dosage applies to adults (70 kg/body weight).
  • Simultaneously, food should contain 40 g/day protein or less (Adults).
  • The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the kidney problem.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice and if you notice any uneasiness/discomfort or reaction, immediately contact your doctor.